Poke the Guy

Poke the Guy

3.5 /5
$500 + 20 Free Spins Play Now

Poke the Guy Features

  • Payout up to 150000
  • RTP 96.5%
  • Medium Volatility
  • Launched: 2018

Poke the Guy Information

  • Game Type: Fantasy
  • Software: Microgaming

Poke the Guy

$500 + 20 Free Spins

If you are a fan of plain and simple casino game, then this would be the right video slot game for you. Since a lot of players have shown endless interest in complicated slot games due to the high winning potentials they hold, Microgaming raised a lot of eyebrows by developing Poke The Guy slot game that might land you to the high winnings.

Poke The Guy, as the name implies, requires you to poke a cartoonish character that represents the guy in this context. The graphics might not be up to standard compared to lots of other slot games registered under the software providers but the simple platform that does not require any technicality or long procedures would keep a lot of players attached to the reel.

The game consists of different symbols with simple gameplay instructions. A cartoon character is located at the top of the slot reel and players have a simple job of throwing different objects such as knives, firearms, ice creams, fish, and a lot of other objects at the cartoon character. If you are lucky enough to hit the character with whatever object you throw at it, you win. The amount to be won depends on the object you throw. The stakes can be adjusted easily with a + and – button located at the bottom of the slot machine.

Poke the Guy RTP

There might not be a bonus feature in the slot game but Microgaming still did a great job in the RTP provided for players. Poke The Guy slot game has an RTP of 96.5% with a possible win of up to 500x your wager. Poke The Guy slot game offers players the opportunity of staking a Maximum bet of £30 and a minimum of £0.01. The least paying item in the slot game can accumulate a win of two times your wager while the highest paying item can accumulate a win of up to 500x your wager.

What are the features of Poke the Guy?

At first, the only thing that many players will find disappointing is realizing that there are no additional features. The only way to get a victory is by clicking on the gun and shooting the funny man. While the fun part is also frustrating as the gun fires randomly, which means you have no control over the direction it goes. You can’t change the target, which makes it a bit annoying, but the good news is that the frustration that builds up is usually satisfied the instant you hit the character. This time Microgaming has taken a lively and humorous approach in which man dies in a million different ways.

When it comes to payments, it is important to know that they are triggered randomly. The payout amounts depend on the activated multiplier. You can get a minimum multiplier of 2x or a maximum multiplier of 500x that will be applied to your bet. There is no actual pattern or indication on how payments are created. It is basically a game of chance taken to the next level.

What are the bonus rounds in Poke the Guy?

When we first heard about the style of play associated with the slot game, we were curious as to how the bonus offer works. To our greatest surprise, Microgaming did not add any extra feature to the actual gameplay mentioned above. Your only chance of winning in the slot game lies with hitting the target with whatever object you chose to throw at it. The bonus rounds have proven to serve as a haven for players and it is very sad to hear that a slot game as simple and as exciting as this does not offer any bonus round to players.

Poke the Guy Slot Review

Microgaming had a single intention while creating this slot game which was to create a simple and easy to play slot game. Although the slot game would not be a very enticing pick for players with an eye for huge wins or for players who love the technicality involved in playing slot, for players looking for a simple and easy to use the platform to stake their funds, Poke The Guy slot game would be a perfect pick.